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underfloorheatingMore and more people every day at home with the comfort of a warm floor heating cables .
Electric heating cables and our practices, both in homes and offices needed, comfortable floor surfacing material under all kinds of tepidness can be provided.
System under the floor in room space and does not appear have been hidden.
All evenly distributed heat to the ground, a place should provide comfort environment.
There is no dust collection part will be nden and rooms to the entire volume of goods through the control of thermostats.
Room desired ambient temperature continuity and minimize the energy consumption is provided. All products in accordance with international standards such as IEC and CENELEC are designed, are tested in accordance with the rules and the European low voltage products.
We heating cables ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental policy documents are.




Production of the Year Since 1926 Nexans heating cable industry is the oldest and largest companies. Various industries which produce very different purposes Nexans cable in 2000 reaches a true global giant with a turnover of 4 billion is .8. Heating cables, Langhus factory near Oslo in Norway is produced. Nexans heating cables and guarantee the supply of Turkey Nexans contact Industry and Trade Co. Is realized through Turkey.

electrical cable heating

heating cables

1.) Heating Cable

2.) Ground

3.) Come Back Connect

4.) İsolation

5.) Steel Protection

6.) PE



cable heating



TXLP Series Underfloorheating

CablesAll products are 100% waterproof metal armor case is the only product.
Patented 'Cold Hidden Node' Technology is protected.
Catogories sheath 3 levels of resistance wire is a single cable.
Quantities sold in domestic constant heating or melting snow and ice all-purpose cables Nexans 'Hidden Cold Fly' is.
This method was patented in the cold end of the factory, as an extension of the cable hidden at the end of the heating cable metallic armor  as defined in the form of inclusion within orinal sheaths.
Cord and profits of domestic final 2.5 / ice melting products are the last 10 meters and the start of the cold end of the content of ******* ***** ======> <====== SPLICE is selected.
Lack of a connection handmade cold end and the cable jacket with its own protection, especially to prevent long-term wear is important.

Electric floor heating once the life of the average 60 years after the installation is correct. A country with very cold in Norway in 1930, running until 1996 to establish and interior applications are available.

Nexans cables and heating mats for 10 years, OJ Electronics thermostats are available with the 2-year warranty.

230V under 17 W / m linear capacity double-conductor product.
Priority area of domestic use of the product applications. Under snow and ice melting products for concrete or roofing applications is simple to install because need make.
All ready-length series TXLP as with cable or cables TXLP resistant to sunlight and outdoor conditions can be used.
Reaches the system self-closing and currents do not attract.
Cables have been prepared and cut in fixed length or to make additional guarantee is not recommended because of conditions. Therefore, application areas, taking into account the heat loss needs to be determined in accordance with m² power cable selection is made in the appropriate footage.




Home Heating

Bathhroom , Pool Outside

Ladder Heating

Turkish Bath

Winter Garden

home heating

pool floor heating

merdiven basamak ısıtması

turkish bath-hammam heating

winter garden floor heating

Part or your entire home or workplace can be applied.
Each scene through separate control thermostats.
Wood surface and ground temperature sensor that restricts you

Warm in the bathroom floor, the humidity can be applied for drying in the warm pool area,
such as is used.

Stairs are used to obtain the warm ground.

We offer an excellent solution in the Turkish bath heating. In a very short time, is ready to use baths. Temperatures are set each region separately. Offer a set between 40-110 C. Sitting at different temperatures at different
temperatures adjustable

Winter garden is an ideal solution for heating.
Be switched on or off as needed or as a fully-controlled thermostat is used.

Electric Cable Heating Tecnical Features

Cable Power Watt










Cable Length mt





Weight Kg
















Our cable TXLP series of six domestic manufacturing of concrete rapidly in the warm ground to ensure concrete under extremely .Moreover melting snow, and landing in the gutter to prevent ice or land used for heating a wire fabricated product Cables configured as a surface = <SPLİCE> = the content of the attachment end of the cold is marked confidential.


Living Room






Cold Room

Snow Melting


Pwr ( WATT)

Pwr ( WATT)

Pwr ( WATT)

Pwr ( WATT)

Pwr ( WATT)

Pwr ( WATT)

Pwr( WATT)

Pwr ( WATT)

Pwr( WATT)







































Heating the greenhouse

Fish Pool

For Animal


Sport Saloon

green house floor heating

Yavru balık üretim havuzu ısıtması

underfloor heating for animal

bekçi kulubesi ısıtması

sport arena underfloor heating

Heating cables to heat the greenhouse in soil is laid, the soil inside temperature control is achieved through thermostats.

Fish pool, pool base and around the heating cable is laid, concrete interior temperature control is achieved through sensors.

Dogs and other animals in warm foot into the ground temperature control is achieved through

One of the most practical way of heating the guard cottage wired floor heating is electric. Provides a controlled and very large area heating provides earnings.

Sports hall floor and seats very comfortable with our heating systems are electric cable.


electric cable floor and wall heating

parkett floor heating


Nexans systems building is being built or renovated, while wood flooring, Glazed tile, or concrete floor can be applied to any such.
Baths and bath ideal for a heating solution. The system to the boiler or heater does not need an extra. Especially in the warm spring and summer months to run the hot water boiler and installation of large energy loss is caused. All the energy in the scene remains NEXANS application. Boiler room, installation and maintenance costs of these additional savings will not be provided.
House of Heating - Employment in the Heating, Snow, ice melting, economical solutions to heating pipes and tanks ...
Turkish Bath, Sports Hall, Mosques in heating costs, low operating ...
22 years, we offer you the warm atmosphere ...

Electric Underfloor heating is the most important comfort feature. In this environment from the comfort of warm floors to enjoy is difficult to understand. Electric underfloor heating is quiet and the room air quality improves. A study conducted in Germany, this system reduced dust showed up maytlarını 50 to 80%.
Partial applicable. Electric underfloor heating system to be considered as the main dwelling as you can, for the purpose of providing comfort for the warm floors you can also use. For example, only the entrance, corridor and bathroom or child's room or in your garden it is possible to heat a room.

underfloor radyan heating


Heat rises!
According to the rules of basic physics to heat up moves. This is the most appropriate basis of the heating system underfloor heating could say. Over conventional heating systems heat radiator wandering down from the ceiling will rise to the cold temperatures most comfortable and effective dönecektir.Radyan heat system. To understand better in cold weather "shadow" to "sun" you've come to think. Although you will feel warm air temperature change. You feel the sun's heat is radiant heat.

Radiant heat energy in space and reflect the moves without contact with an object only when the cooler is converted into heat. Electric Underfloor Heating, you can not feel the difference without a warm-up provides an extremely comfortable.

Radiant floor heating, natural heating process is the method that most closely resembles.

Better heating with FENTEK



Nexans systems will start from the feet, whereas the heat from the ground upwards, and all rooms will rise in a homogeneous way. Therefore, in the room will be no cold regions. Slow movement of air movement of dust olmasıda floor heating system engelleyecektir.Nexans foot level decreasing towards the top level provides the ideal and homogeneous heat distribution. Use of electronic thermostat with room temperature can be kept lower than the radiator system, the same heating comfort is provided.

Underfloor heating and room thermostat for the control of the level, without reducing the level of thermal comfort, the traditional radiator heating room to be set very low heat From the 3-4 allows. This reduction provides 10-20% energy loss.

We are very accustomed to using in our home heating system with radiators, heated air tends to rise toward the ceiling because there are disadvantages. Radiator system to heat starts blowing and the heat level rises toward the ceiling. As a result, the ground stays cold and cool air to circulate close to the ground creates unwanted heat distribution.

sonlandırılmış soğuk uçlu hazır ısıtma kablosu

       The only reason you choose not provide Nexans comfort of the comfort factor as well as saving energy consumption Nexans systems, flexibility, robustness and 10 year full warranty is a system with features such as indispensable.

   Heating cables were made as tests are shipped be packed in appropriate sizes. According to the heating power cables have been terminated. 300, 400, 500, 600, 700.840, 1000, 1250, 1370, 1700, 2100, 2600, 3300 Watts of power has been terminated. This cable can not be added in. Only cold cutting edge to the point (splice) can be made. We need the cables of these values is selected. Home, office heating, heating bath, stairs are used in heating. Package contents will include installation guide and warranty card.


An economic system!
Nexans underfloor heating systems, according to other system is running with the least energy loss. Boilers in the system, installation, and they brought no casualties.
Temperature is controlled at all times thanks to OJ thermostats and room temperature so that more energy can be kept constantly at the same level of spending would be blocked. Thus, at the level of 10-20% energy savings is provided. In addition to being economical is a feature of environmental olmasıda Nexans systems is undeniable.
In addition to all this, the system is cheaper than other systems installation is another advantage.

Each floor suitable
Nexans systems in need heat office, home, bath, bath, or can be used in all areas such as gym. Therefore, wood, concrete or asphalt pavement, such as all can be easily mounted.
The way you want to furnish your home
Nexans system is invisible. Thanks to remain in the bottom of the slab, such as conventional heating systems do not occupy your room. You can use freely in your entire roo

Most comprehensive warranty in the market!
Nexans systems is long lasting. In general, any changes to the cable and mattresses yapılmadiğı life of the building is equivalent to life. Nexans cables and mattresses to 10 years, offers a full warranty

floor heating

Hammam ( Turkish Bath)

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